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Enjoy new Christine Young videos right here. In this one, our chick has a sleep over party with one of her good friends and things went a little bit wild and nasty. After a few minutes of foreplay, they put the dirty things on the table. Angie, Christine’s good old friend, spiced things with some pussy licking, squeezing Christine’s huge tits, while slowly sticking that huge dildo in her wet tight pussy. Enjoy!

This time it was Angie who got to visit her lovely friend, and Christine was very happy to have her over. Namely because they’d get to spend time together to catch up on what they’ve been doing, and naturally they’d engage in a nice and hot lesbian fuck afterwards. And so they eventually make it back to Christine’s bedroom where they start to kiss and undress one another. Watch as Angie bends Christine over and takes out her pink dildo, and see her starting to fuck our cute blonde in her pussy doggie style today. We’re sure that you’ll love it and we hope to see you again next week with some more awesome scenes of Christine having sexual fun!

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Watch here some Christine Young anal shots! A class mate from her art class came over to help her out with some problems that she encounter in their last class. But. we all know that in the end they helped each other. The class was about human anatomy so Christine Young , got to be Eric’s model and got naked, from there all went smooth. Christine started slowly undressing Eric starting of course with his pants, then she took his huge cock in her mouth to clean it out. Afterwards she got a piece of that huge cock in all of her holes. Enjoy and if you enjoyed this video update and you wanna see another beauty fucking a big black cock, check out the blog! Bye!

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If you think that the lovely and sexy Christine enjoys just pussies and pleasing her own pussy than you couldn’t be more wrong. This busty and curly haired babe just really adores cocks as well, and the bigger that they are the happier she is to let them fuck her pussy. To demonstrate that, today she got it on with a nice and muscled black dude that would do a nice job to fuck that sweet pussy of hers hard style with his big and rock hard cock. So sit back and watch the cute lady as she moans in pleasure with the huge cock fucking her. And for a nice finish see her get her cute face covered in hot and sticky jizz just for you. Enjoy!

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Christine Young has lots of cute friends all over the place. So when she went on a visit in the UK she gathered with some close friends on a drink. After a few drinks she got dizzy so a close friend of her, Angie, took her to her place. Considering she was dizzy, she also became horny, so Angie took advantage of her. She took her red strap on and started filling Christine Young’s holes, one by one. What a great night, so let’s just sit back and watch the sexy British hottie named Angie give this sexy babe a nice and proper welcome to her home as she takes out her sex toys and starts to have fun with the cute blonde.

Angie knows that Christine enjoys having fun with other ladies and today she prepared her lovely and big red strap on dildo just for her. Like we said, the smoking hot Angie took Christine back to her place, and once there the two of them started to strip while caressing and kissing each other passionately. Then the dildo comes into play as Christine is more than eager to take all of that sex toy inside her dripping wet and tight pussy. So just sit back and watch as the lovely and sexy miss Christine gets her sweet pussy filled by the rubber cock in this amazing scene. She’ll be back next week with even more hot scenes! Like the chicks from the 18onlygirls site, these hot gals are some really sex addicts, so let’s watch them getting wet and wild! See you next time, friends!

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Take a look at these Christine Young pics , hot pics of course. When she’s bored what a better a way to relax then some personal time. So this perfectly shaped teen babe got undressed and started feeling herself, squeezing her big tits and fingering her wet tight pussy until she got horny as hell and took a huge dildo and finished the job right in time for dinner if course. Well since this seems to be a nice Valentine’s day theme you can bet that the sexy blonde would do something to treat you some more of her sexy shows for this update. And it’s simply amazing everyone.

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When the cameras start rolling you get to see this naughty lady’s room all decorated cutely with some nice hearts and balloons, and the theme seems to be red and pink. And as she herself appears, miss Christine was wearing a nice outfit composed only of red and pink colors and she swiftly makes quick work of it to reveal her superb curves to the cameras once more. Watch her play with her perky boobs one more time this fine day as she massages them, and then see her get super naughty as she slides her lollipop in her pussy. And then watch her lick on it to tease you with her dirty talk and mind in this scene. If you are in the mood to see this hot chick into an extra sensual scene, pleasuring herself, take a look at this video!

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When Christine Young bought her new apartment she invited a friend over to see it and of course try out her new Jacuzzi. Christine and Jane are old friends since kinder garden, but never tried more that usual, well tonight is their special night. After a few glasses of wine these amateur lesbians got closer and started kiss and undressing one another slowly, afterwards things got hotter, tits rubbing, pussy licking till Jane slipped her fingers into Christine’s tight pussy … pff what a night. And rest assured that there’s lots of nice and interesting things to see in this nice and hot update today, so let’s get started without due.

Jane is a lovely brunette with long hair contrasting to our cute blonde’s curly and playful blonde hair. And Jane here has that air of a grown up woman with lots of experience. And like we said you know that she has pretty much a lot of lesbian sex experience that she will use to teach Christine a thing or two today. Sit back and watch the cuties get in the Jacuzzi today and watch them start off their session with a nice period of them kissing passionately. Then you get to see the babes get to work as they present one another with their eager pussies and you can watch them please one another. Enjoy the lesbian scene today and do come back next week! Wanna see other sexy lesbian chicks getting wet and wild? If you do, the sapphic erotica website is the perfect choice, so check it out!

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Christine Young – dildo-fucking time

Christine Young likes staying fit. So she works out daily, when she has time she goes to the gym or when she’s busy, she do it all at home. This particular day this amateur model was so tired so she started working out at home. Christine prepared everything, but she didn’t feel sporty so she took out her favorite dildo. Christine Young stripped off her gym wear and started massaging her huge tits and afterwards she took the huge dildo filled all of her holes, one at a time of course. I think this is also a got work out, don’t you? Well either way let’s just get this show started and see what this cute and busty lady has to show off today.


As another fresh week started we just had to deliver some more of this busty and cute sexy lady. And today it just happened that she wanted to do a bit of a workout. But as you can see, it soon went off course as she always seems to get turned on at the most random of times. Well lucky that the cameras were there to capture this cutie’s self pleasing session and we can guarantee that you won’t regret it. Sit back and watch her stretch out a bit, and then watch her using the dildo to work out her sexy tight pussy as well in this simply amazing and hot scene as she fucks her own dripping wet pussy with it in this nice scene. See Christine pleasuring her pussy in another hot video!

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Check out these galleries with the smoking hot amateur doing some house work. One day she decided to do some cleaning in the house and stumbled upon some paint and it didn’t take her long to start some body painting, just like she learned in art classes. She ripped her cloths and with her hands full of paint she started massaging her big tits, then spanking her firm ass, leaving of course some cute blue marks. basically what you have to remember is that this sexy and hot cutie always seems to find a way to get naughty when she gets bored, and this afternoon was no exception to the rule.

Cleaning aside as we’ve said she also wanted to do a bit of painting. Well it seems that she was just too horny and started to get naked while playing with the paint. Watch her as she keeps only her small and cute panties on her super sexy and cute body today, and watch her as she gets around to get herself all naughty and dirty for the cameras just like Dorian and Morgana from Sit back and watch the busty teen as she plays with her tits covering them in blue paint as she massages them as see her enjoying herself a lot. We want to tell you to check out her past updates as well for some more superb and sexy scenes of her getting wild and sexy. See you next week! Enjoy!

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Playing with big toys

After a hard day of shopping Christine Young arrived home with a bunch of shopping bags. But, her favorite item was of course a black lingerie, to be used only on a special occasion. After trying it out she decided to show you guys some pics of it. When Christine was taking it off she got a little horny and remembered she had a special friend than always helped her in rough times, her blue dildo. She didn’t think twice before using it .. after a little foreplay, she slowly slipped the huge dildo deeper and deeper in her wet pussy. Well let’s just sit back and watch our lovely blonde play with herself once more in this amazing scene today.

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Well her little shopping trip seems to have taken her to a sex shop where she got herself that nice and big blue dildo. Sit back and watch her as she starts to undress as she’s very eager to give the sex toy a try out and you guys get front row seats to the superb show. This slutty student only keeps her sexy black thigh high stockings on, and the rest of the clothes she just takes off. Watch her taking her spot on the bed, and see her spreading her long sexy legs wide open for you as she starts to slide that bad boy inside her cunt. So sit back and watch the curly haired sexy blonde as she spends a good while this afternoon to fuck her pussy hard style with her new toy!

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Christine Young in sexy red stockings

What’s better then a weekend out of the big noisy city life… Christine Young decided to go to a nice quite place in nature with some close friends. After a long walk around, she took a long and relaxing bath, and than of course made her extremely horny. So she ripped off all of her cloths and started touching and playing with herself,  fingering her tight pussy, massaging her tits! Afterwards she continued her night with her friends, satisfied of course!

Well for today sexy miss Christine is here to show off her luscious body to you once more. And she’s more than happy to expose her lovely and sexy curves to you guys once more. Sit back and watch this sexy cutie as she starts to undress and shows off her sexy and perky boobs to the cameras once more. Watch her stripping out of her superbly hot and sexy outfit as she takes off her skirt and also shows that eager and horny pussy of hers. So just sit back and watch her get to have some solo fun on her bed as she starts to finger fuck her sweet pussy just for your viewing pleasure this fine afternoon everyone. We hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you soon! Until then, check out the Ron Harris site and see other beautiful teens masturbating!

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ChristineYoung revealing her hot body

ChristineYoung had a really nice day, it’s all started when her teachers announced them they had to take pics for the yearly album. Our girl went home and changed in something nice and waited her turn. When this cute amateur entered in the room she saw the cute photographer and thought to get a little nasty on him. After a few photos of her with cloths she decided to slowly remove them, until she got completely naked in from off the camera. Lucky guy… just look at her … that body, those perfectly round tits, that firm ass and of course that smile. So let’s get this superbly hot and sexy show started without due.

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The lovely and sexy babe decided to do one superb and hot solo photo shoot today as she’d get around to pose nude for the cameras and tease you with her simply adorable and hot sexy body. Watch her as she takes off her sexy clothes to reveal her perky and playful tits for the cameras first of all, and she seems to know exactly how to do one amazing job of it too. Watch as then she takes off her panties too and shows you some nice close ups as she displays her wet and eager pussy to you as well. So just sit back and enjoy this babe playing around this fine afternoon and do come back next week if you want to see more of this nude amateur babe!

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